About Primeau's

Throughout high school and after graduating George Sr. worked in the automotive business.   From starting out pumping gas part-time to help support his mother, George went on to mechanical work then eventually found his niche in autobody reconstruction full time.  In the Mid 70's George went on to marry the love of his life Sheila Oliver and the two started a family, giving birth two three boys, Dwayne, George Jr & Joseph.  While working full time for Comtoise Autobody George always dreamed of owning his own business, in 1984 George took his life savings, rented a small shop on Columbia Street and began Primeau's Autobody Inc.   In June of 1984 George realized his business was becoming a success and brought on his older brother Joe as a partner to oversee the office aspect of the business.  By December of 1984 with the two's hard work and dedication the shop grew to big for the small shop they were renting and moved to it's current location at 9 High Street.

After starting out as one man business, Primeau's quickly grew to ten employee's in a few short years. In 1992 while graduating from High school George's oldest son joined the business part time while attending Hudson Valley Community College.  In 1994 after graduating with a Associates degree in Business, Dwayne joined the family business full time as a Autobody technician. After quickly catching on Dwayne has become a key aspect to the success of the business over the years. In 1999, George's youngest son Joseph joined the business as a mechanic.  Josephs skills have also been key to the shops success.  In 2004  Georges business partner and Brother decided it was time to retire. After 20 years of partnership Joe turned over his half of the business to Georges two Son's.  Today Primeau's is in it's 26th year as a successful small business in the City of Cohoes.

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